St. Kevin's Jr. High


The mission of St. Kevin’s Junior High is to prepare students to become active community members by providing a safe, caring and socially just learning environment with a focus on achieving one’s personal potential while striving for academic excellence. 


      May 6th - May 10th

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a)  Parent/Guardian Bus Portal - Can my child ride the bus? Where is my child's bus stop? Find all the answers on this portal.

Please note: You can find your child's Student Number on their June 2023 report card, or you can submit a Student Transportation Public Inquiry Form and provide your child's Date of Birth, Civic Address and Guardian Contact Phone Number!

b) 2023-2024 bus routes for SKJH

a) Chartwells (Cafeteria Service Provider) -Starting Wednesday, Nov 1st

b) Registration Instructions 

c) Chartwells Menu for 2023-24

d) Grade 7 & 8 students are permitted to leave the building to go outside for lunch.

Grade 6 students eat their lunch in the cafeteria, unless they are signed out at the office by a parent. Grade 6's do not have permission to the leave the building on their own at lunchtime. They will participate in supervised outside play when weather permits. Please come dressed for the weather.

Allergy Update 

A friendly reminder that St. Kevin's Junior High is an Allergy Aware School. We have allergies at school to peanuts, and shellfish. Also we are a SCENT FREE school .

It is important to be mindful of these allergens as we have individuals in our building who are allergic and can have reactions if they touch a door, table or other surface that was touched by someone who came in contact with a food with one of these items.  Please be mindful of the food you are bringing into the building and what it contains.  If you eat something with an allergen before you come to school, please wash your hands thoroughly before you come to school.  If you notice other individuals with allergic containing foods please inform a staff member.  It is important that we are respectful of all students in our school and take every effort to keep our building safe for everyone. 

Please take extra caution when driving on and around our school grounds. If you are dropping off or picking up your child at anytime, we do ask that you park in the DESIGNATED PARKING SPOTS ONLY. We are asking that you NOT park near our school gates, on crosswalks or in the traffic lanes. It is very important that we keep the lane of "moving" traffic "moving", and that this is not blocked by parked cars. We do appreciate your cooperation in keeping all of our students safe.


2023-2024 School Year